Google Voice Users Will Soon Be Able To Transfer Ongoing Calls

Google Voice will soon allow users to transfer the on-going calls to existing contacts or other numbers through the calling app.

After becoming the part of G Suit, Google Voice is increasingly becoming important for many people. It may not be available in all the regions, but areas, where Google Voice is available, will allow to transfer calls in the future, as hinted by a new support page.

According to Android Police, if a user has an active Google Voice account, they will receive an update allowing them to transfer the incoming or outgoing call to another number.

A ‘Transfer’ button will be seen on the call options when a user is on the call, which will let a user transfer call to an existing contact or enter a new number. They will be able to transfer calls even to numbers that do not use Google Voice.

However, it will not be possible to transfer the call to emergency services or directory assistance services through the method mentioned above.

Once the call transfer is confirmed, Google Voice will merge the callers. It is expected that on the Android app of Google Voice, the original caller will be put on hold when the call is transferred. However, it is not yet clear whether the same will happen when the call is transferred through the iOS app, PC, or laptop.

Though many services already have the feature to transfer calls but it will be highly beneficial the users who are dependent on Google Voice. It has not been announced yet when the feature will be available but is expected to be rolled out in the coming future.

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