Google's Digital Wellbeing May Soon Provide 'Sleep Insights'

The Digital Wellbeing platform owned by Google may soon provide insights on why you might not be getting enough sleep at night. 9to5Google performed an APK teardown and discovered that Google is developing a functionality that may leverage a collection of information data from people’s mobile phones to offer recommendations about what might be the possible cause of sleeping issues.

You should note that these findings might not be 100% accurate. An APK teardown splits apart applications which have been uploaded to Google Play Store to pick out code lines that may reveal upcoming functionalities. As these features are still under development phases, these updates could change remarkably or the developers may never roll out those features at all. Moreover, the analysis of lines of the code may be different from the actual intent of that tool.

The new functionalities discovered by 9to5Google are part of the new Bedtime Mode feature which is just the ‘Wind Down’ tool released with a new name but comes with nearly the same functionalities.

In the new Digital Wellbeing beta version which is currently releasing for the Play Store, code snippets indicate that Google is planning to expand the Bedtime Mode feature. The Digital Wellbeing feature will use the time a user is not using their smartphone to examine the sleeping routine of the user. Moreover, the code also hints that the Digital Wellbeing feature will also tie into Google Clock, and it is yet now clear why or how Google will do this.

You should also note the code indicates that the Digital Wellbeing feature will require access to permissions including app usage, time zone data, light and motion sensors, and many more to create the data. Digital Wellbeing will use this data to evaluate whether a person is using their smartphone in bedtime and which applications the user is using during their bedtime. However the code interpretation is not yet clear, the data collected may also be shared with Google.

Lastly, it seems that the collected data will help Digital Wellbeing feature to display the amount of your bedtime window you spent using your smartphone, and the applications you use during your bedtime.

9to5Google also discovered that the company is developing a new ‘Night Notes’ tool. The code snippets suggest that the company is creating a new tool that will allow you to easily write down notes on your smartphone before sleeping. For instance, the Night Notes feature may prompt you to offload your thoughts before going to bed. This feature will be helpful for those users who overthink at night.

The Night Notes feature provides users a quick way to write down a quick thought. If you are a creative person and usually have ideas at night, this feature will help you to get those creative ideas out of your head before going to sleep. The code also hints that the Digital Wellbeing feature will remind you of your Night Notes when you wake in the morning.

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