Elon Musk realizes his mistake - Wants to take back some of the tweets made during COVID-19 lockdown

Entrepreneur Elon Musk is all geared up to launch two NASA astronauts to the ISS through Crew Dragon - a spacecraft developed by his private company SpaceX. However, during these intensity-ridden days, he took the time for an interview with Bloomberg.

The prime focus of the interview remained on the series of bizarre tweets he did on his Twitter profile, specifically during the lockdown period amidst coronavirus.

According to Musk, the lockdown was a bit extreme, considering many people only had COVID-like symptoms and were not actually tested for the disease. He also argued that the data can no longer be called valid and are ‘off’ by a couple of weeks.

He agrees that some of his tweets were indeed dumb but he says that it is better to be on a straight line of communication with the audience, instead of being boring and talking about things that no one cares about.

Nevertheless, Musk would like to retract some of the tweets he made!

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images

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