Google’s New “Grow With Google” Program Could Help Those Laid Off Due to Coronavirus

Most people are on lockdown right now, and the fact of the matter is that in a lot of ways the damage that the coronavirus has done has to do with the economy even more so than human lives at this current point in time, although the situation could get much worse for both if serious precautions are not taken. A lot of people have found themselves to be unemployed due to widespread layoffs, but the good news is that Google might be helping a lot of people out in this regard by providing a resource that everyone can utilize: a program that can enable you to acquire digital skills.

The reason behind why this program is so useful has to do with the fact that learning new skills can help you get more jobs, and part of this digital skills program that is being called “Grow With Google” are courses that can tell you how to find new jobs in the first place as well as courses that can teach you how to run a small business of your own.

This program won’t just be useful for people that are looking for jobs either. Being under lockdown means that you don’t really have all that many activities that you can end up partaking in, which means that if you wanted to pass the time constructively you might want to look into opportunities that are not going to be immediately apparent. Growing With Google can help you pass the time and learn some things along the way, and everyone knows that learning can be a lot of fun so figuring out how you would want to take part in something like this is the sort of thing that you might actually want to take part in.

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