Google’s Rising Retail Trends data helps consumers make their shopping lists more effectively amid the coronavirus pandemic

Google Trends has recently added a new tool, which is its new Rising Retail Trends Listing to help consumers decide and carry on with their online shopping more effectively.

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in more ways than we can imagine. The world that we used to live in is different now. For better or worse, we still do not know many things that have altered and what are we going to face once this pandemic is over.

Experts from all walks of life are scratching their heads at the moment to ascertain the damage and are working on ways to control that damage. But things are hazy right now. A clear picture can be drawn only once this nightmare is over - hopefully soon!

However, there is one trend that has spiked all over the globe without any doubt. Due to lockdown implementations, people have been resorting to more online shopping than ever before. So, the trend of retail spending has altered dramatically over these months of global quarantine.

Many people who used to make proper grocery lists and go shopping by a fixed routine are now facing confusion. Planning and buying the products online is slightly overwhelming and new for a lot of people out there. Without being physically present in the aisles of a superstore, many people do not understand what they are even looking for.

So, to help such people getting comfortable with online product categories and choosing what to buy while accelerating their planning process, Google has created a “Rising Retail Categories” list, which addresses this problem.

With the help of this tool, Google search data highlights the most popular and widely applicable product-related categories. It also shows the locations where these highly demanded products are mostly seen as per consumers’ interest, along with all kinds of information regarding each product individually.

As per Google Trends, it is hard to understand the change in consumer interests as the changes are quite drastic. Social listings, surveys, and collection of data from all around are some of the ways to help businesses understand the need of the consumers, as well as helping the consumers understand their needs as per their interests too.

Currently, these listings have been made available for the people of Australia, the UK, and the US only. However, Google says that it will keep updating the listing information daily to make the businesses find their potential opportunities, and people finding their desired products easily, without any hassle.

By going through these listings, or by searching the products that are seeing more interest from others, people can get a relevant insight into their requirements on a wider scale.

For example, Swimming pools, swimming-related products and Golf Bag Accessories are being searched more in the US at present. On the second number, sewing-related products are seeing more interest from the public. Scrolling through these most searched items can pave an easier path for people to choose and decide what they also need for themselves.

This tool will also help marketers to consider various ways to reach consumers more effectively to improve their product sales.

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