Google Might Be Testing New Related Topics Box for Google Jobs Searches

Part of the manner in which Google has been operating these past few years has had quite a bit to do with things like optimizing its search results so that you don’t just get links from other sites, you would get results built into the interface that would make it so that you wouldn’t have to click on any links to see basic information related to the search query that you have entered into the search engine.

The fact of the matter is that this can be quite useful for a lot of people, and Google Jobs is one of the new features that has been rolled out. This is a box that would feature potential job listings near you if you happen to search for something related to jobs. Some users have screenshotted a new related queries section that is shown when you search for jobs. This box is going to show you related topics and queries that you can use to try and expand your search to the point where it would be much easier for you to get a grasp of what you are trying to learn about as well as better understand the manner in which things like this tend to occur all in all.

It is unknown if this is an update that will be rolling out soon or if it is simply some kind of test that is not indicative of incoming new features that you might want to use. If this does get rolled out, however, it is probably going to be highly welcome in a situation where so many people are struggling to come to grips with the virus that is ravaging the world and is also leaving a lot of people unemployed which is the reason behind why job searches are now at an all time high.

Screeshot: SEMRush

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