Be audible with ‘Audio Tweets’ as Twitter considers a new dimension to tweet away your feelings

It has been recently reported that Twitter is considering introducing Audio Tweets. This feature is most likely to go by the name of ‘Hear and Now.’

Now, this is something interesting. With podcast listenership and audio messages on different applications like WhatsApp have enjoyed great popularity, Twitter’s new feature might be a great chance for people to reach their audience whenever they want, behind a mic, without the need to show their face and express their feelings and views without cloaking them behind words.

It is being said that this feature will allow audio clips to be attached to tweets and even highlighted in special segments.

A designated team from Twitter’s headquarters is working on this feature and they have created a initial version of what audio tweets may look like, if they ever make up to get finally rolled out.

However, so far, the concept does not look novel. Different apps in the past have considered this feature of letting people post their feelings in special audio clips. Facebook also rolled out the option of audio posts back in 2018 for some particular regions.

Some third-party apps also allow the linking of audio clips to tweets, and interestingly, Twitter itself launched ‘Audio only live-streams’ for both Twitter as well as Periscope. This feature, as it is, provides a way to share audio clips in tweets.

The rationale behind this whole scheme is simple and sounds impressive. This feature will be useful for people who live in regions where there is an issue of a language barrier or connectivity. There are instances when people cannot read a particular language, but they understand the meaning behind the tone of voice in an added audio clip.

However, there are some reservations too. While it is a good thing, and maybe people will find it easier to connect through audio tweets, it is also going to bring in a lot of other issues.

Social media wars are nothing new, and most of the time Twitter sees intense arguments between different parties on its platform. Most of the time, these wars occur because of the use of hateful language and heated ‘tone’ of words in tweets. Now, just pause and think for a bit. When these people will be given a free pass to translate their views in the form of audio tweets, how heated these wars and arguments will become?

If Twitter decides to roll out this feature, it will be good if they also integrate a system through which the content of these audio tweets could be filtered and worked out before allowing them to be posted.

Another point to note is that the feature of audio posts is not new and has been integrated in different apps already, so Twitter has to add in something special to its audio tweeting feature to improve its game amongst its competitors.

All of these are speculations at the moment, and a complete picture will only be visible if and when this feature eventually launches.

Let us wait till then!

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