Good News! Google Finally Updated Gmail With Dark Mode For iOS Devices

Apple released a new dark mode on iPhones when it rolled out the iOS 13 version update for its iPhone devices. So, after the update, all app developers had to release updates for their apps to align them with the new dark mode look of Apple’s OS.

Google is one of the most significant app developers for mobile across the globe, and the company has created some of the most-popular apps for iPhone users. It seems that Google was not very keen on updating its apps to align them with the new look of Apple’s operating system. This is the reason why Google’s apps such as Gmail have been running on iOS without a dark mode for a long time now.

For many users, it was pretty frustrating as everything else on their iPhones was offering dark mode except Google’s Gmail. As Gmail is one of those apps that we can’t live without these days, so many users had no other choice than to just use the older version of Gmail- the light standard mode Gmail has been offering for a long time.

So, here’s the breaking news of this year, Google has finally announced to release updated Gmail for iOS with the dark mode theme in it. The company is gradually rolling out the update, and some users might not be able to use the dark mode currently. But, a lot of users across the globe have reported that they can enable the newly released dark mode theme in Gmail on their iPhones.

If you want to enable the dark mode theme in your Gmail app on iOS, go to the account settings, and there you will find a theme switcher dedicated to changing the theme. You can enable the dark mode by tapping on this dedicated theme switcher.

iPhone users across the globe have been waiting for Google to roll out the most awaited dark mode theme. Currently, the good news is that the company is releasing the dark mode theme in Gmail for iOS after the consumers had to wait for more than six months since Apple released the iOS 13 update for iPhones.

Apple announced to release the iOS 13 update for iPhone users during September 2019. So, it is evident that Google took a lot of time to roll out a dark mode theme for its Gmail app users with an Apple device.

Google will most likely roll out the new feature gradually, and the company did not mention the dark mode theme is the rollout notes of the latest update of the Gmail app. It seems that Gmail app users with an iPhone will still have to wait for a few more days until the company makes the feature live for everyone.

Screenshot: Twitter / @amrancz.

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