Google Chrome Is Working On Media Feeds Feature That Will Allow Websites To Suggest Videos In The Browser

It has been seen that Google Chrome is gradually enhancing media playback support such as enlarging PiP (Picture-in-Picture) support and featuring media controls on the toolbar on desktop platforms. Now, Google Chrome is working to add another common playback tool to Chrome’s interface, suggestions for the upcoming videos which users will play/watch.

According to XDA-developers, the engineers at Google Chrome have put forward a new tool that they call Media Feeds API (Application Programming Interface) feature. The Media Feed API feature will let the sites to offer a personalized media list suggestions to the internet browser.

Although the public documentation might have been published accidentally and has been pulled to a large extent, you can still find a cached version of the proposal of this feature on GitHub. The page states that the company wants to provide support for websites to suggest content to users to enhance media controls functioning. The media content suggested by the websites may be entirely new for users, or it may be related to the content a user has begun to watch. The page also reads that this will allow the company to offer a better experience to people.

The idea behind Media Feeds feature is that websites will be able to offer media content suggestions to Google Chrome via a manifest file. The manifest file is similar to the web app manifests that are already used by the company for providing icons, application names, and other information. Each media item suggested by the websites will include the title, the name of the content creator, the date when the item was published, a thumbnail, genre, and other information. As the Media Feeds feature is still in the initial stages of its planning, the feature currently provides support for video content only which means that the feature is not available for audio content, or there will be no podcasts.

In the end, we can theoretically say that with the help of the Media Feeds feature, users will be able to control functionality from Google Chrome’s interface similar to that of the ‘Up Next’ feature available on YouTube. You will not have to look for the function inside the page, or users might not even have to switch to media pages at all while using the Media Feeds feature.

It will be fascinating to see how the developer will implement Media Feeds feature into Google Chrome, and if the developers of this feature will be able to make the Media Feeds tool useful for users instead of an annoying feature for people. The New Tab Page on Google Chrome for Android features a news feed in which the content is suggested by Google. However, while using the Media Feeds feature, users will see media content suggested by the sites they are visiting.

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