Google brings on a tab-grouping feature for its Chrome browser and it is as good as it sounds

Google has announced the launch of a new feature that will let users organize their tabs in separate groups.

This feature is especially helpful for people who have multiple tabs open in the Chrome browser at one time. It is currently available in the latest Chrome Beta and will roll out for desktop versions next week.

The news itself has got people very excited. With multiple tabs open in the browser at one time, the Chrome browser is usually a place of utter chaos and disarray.

Very often, you want to open one tab, and in your hurry, you end up opening another next to the one that you wanted to open. Or worse, you accidentally close the browser and all tabs shut down too. Then there is the hassle to go to the History and reopen all the tabs, but even then, some of them are lost in the sea of all other tabs and sites that you had opened previously. So, there is no denying that these issues have always been there with Google Chrome, and many people can relate to such annoying and time-wasting instances.

Therefore, this news is like a breath of fresh air for millions of Chrome users around the globe.

This new feature will let users put similar or inter-related tabs in one group. There will be customizations available, so users can name and assign colors to these groups too. Once a group is given a certain color, all the tabs in that group will also become color coordinated.

Users can also drag tabs from one group to the other if they want to re-arrange the organization.

This sounds super exciting and so schematic! Without the display of all the tabs widely disarrayed in the browser, this feature is surely going to bring so much order! For many people, this might actually be a soothing, calming sight and psychologically, it might make their working process smoother, more organized, and more efficient.

Previously, such an in-built tab-grouping feature was available in Vivaldi, so Chrome is not the first browser to have this feature. There were third party extensions that could let Chrome users get this tab-grouping, but it was another headache too, as users had to rely on these third parties and the experience was mostly unreliable and iffy.

Coming to think of it, the need for this feature has always been felt, so maybe Google Chrome should have launched this utterly useful feature way sooner... but it is okay. Better late than never, right?

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