Facebook New Profile Lock Feature Will Promote Women’s Safety

While the protection of innocent people is ostensibly the purview of governments and police agencies, the fact of the matter is that corporations need to step in as well, especially when you think about companies like Facebook which have become community spaces where people interact with one another, and spaces like this need to be regulated because of the fact that people’s safety can end up being at risk if you’re not careful about this sort of thing all in all.

The fact of the matter is that Facebook’s improved feature that is being rolled out in Asian markets is going to contribute quite a bit to the overall safety of women, so much so that you would be surprised at the benefits that can be obtained from things like this on a regular basis. The feature in question is basically a profile lock that can be used to prevent people that you’re not friends with on Facebook from accessing your photos as well as your profile picture and will prevent any such users from being able to see any of your activities on the platform. Initially, this feature was released as Profile Picture Guard and after users feedback Facebook is extending it to more areas to make users profile more secure and private from bad actors and strangers.

This will greatly reduce the instances of stalking as well as predatory behavior that a platform like Facebook unwittingly ended up facilitating. It is important for Facebook to take initiatives like this because of the fact that without these steps it would be more or less impossible for women to feel safe while using this platform which would put them at a disadvantage due to the reason that using social media is essential for a wide variety of reasons including finding a job and staying in touch with close friends and loved ones.

It is important to note that this feature is not going to be restricted to women. You will be able to use it regardless of what your gender may be, and this is the sort of aspect that is important because of the fact that while women are definitely more at risk than people of any other gender this doesn’t mean that they are the only people that suffer from harassment, stalking as well as other kinds of dangers on this social media platform.

This feature is going to be available to most if not all Indian and Bangladeshi Facebook users and it will be interesting to see what other features the social media platform introduces as well as whether or not this particular feature would actually make a difference.

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