Job Application Questions, New Cover Photo Option and More coming to Facebook Soon!

To say that Facebook is listening to us would be an understatement. Over the last year, both Facebook and Instagram have been working on and rolling out features and updates capable of making their respective platforms easier and fun to use. Well, the king of social media doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Recently, renowned App researcher Jane Manchun Wong found out about three new features that Facebook has been working on!

The first feature would allow users to update their Profile Cover Photo without it being shared automatically to the News Feed. It will depend on the relevant user whether they want to share it or not. This option certainly has the potential to make users feel more comfortable on the platform.

The second feature is related to groups. As we all know that Facebook has made a lot of changes to its group settings recently. From giving admins more powers for easy moderation, along with introducing other helpful options, the groups’ organization game is on-point.

Now, the leading social media platform is planning on making its groups even smoother. With a new section, People Are Talking About (that will let the members know which topics are trending within the group), and a Tabbed arrangement of the options one can use to sort group posts, Facebook groups will undoubtedly observe increased engagement in the future.

Finally, the last feature is for job seekers and the hiring party. The social media giant allows people to post jobs on its platform, and the interested candidates can apply via Facebook as well. Once the applications are submitted, the two parties start exchanging details.

Now, Facebook is reportedly planning on making some improvements in this department as well, probably to give LinkedIn a bit more tough time. As per Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook will soon allow the hiring party to attach Job Application Questions with their vacancy post. The answers to these questions will be provided by the applying party when they are expressing their interest in the said job.

To give all of us a better look at the (potentially) upcoming features, Wong attached relevant screenshots with all her tweets. While we can’t say when each of these features will be available for public use, the fact that Facebook is putting in efforts to sharpen its platform is commendable.

Stay tuned for any potential updates regarding this story.

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