Facebook broadens its social and community hub for more support and relief amid the coronavirus pandemic

Facebook is not leaving any leaf unturned where relief and support efforts amid the disastrous pandemic are concerned.

Last month only, Facebook had launched its “Community Help” platform. It was meant to provide as much assistance to people within their communities as possible. Also, through this feature, people could ask for help from the local communities as well.

This platform was already being used to request for food and supplies, along with significant information about local resources. People have been extending their support voluntarily, on an individual level, or in the form of groups.

Seeing the effect of this wonderful platform, Facebook is now going to add more features to the Community Help Hub, to let more people get the support and help they need concerning small businesses, nonprofit organizations, blood banks, etc.

Now Facebook users will be able to use Community Help Hub to buy support gift cards for local businesses, and volunteer as donors for blood banks. Donation for fundraisers and nonprofit organizations is also possible through this hub, as well as finding local job opportunities for those whose employment got adversely affected due to the coronavirus pandemic is also going to be a priority.

All these new features have launched on the ‘Giving Tuesday Event,’ which has specially held on May 5th, 2020.

Giving Tuesday Event always used to be held on the immediate Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. or after the wrap up of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. But this time, due to the unprecedented circumstances, it has been held in May, as an emergency day of giving.

All these features are going to be launched in the result of partnerships that Facebook has been forming over the years and the technology they have been building around this motivation.

Facebook’s efforts to connect users with blood banks are not new, but now they are going to be on a more expanded level.

The major partners and supporters for this Giving Tuesday Event include Facebook, PayPal, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, America’s Food Fund, LinkedIn, GoFundMe, CDC Foundation, and more.

Facebook is not alone in these philanthropic activities. Facebook-owned Instagram has also launched various features like Donate Stickers, Live Fundraisers, and extending help through other options like Stories and Highlights. There are tools to connect to the customers to Facebook’s stickers or gift cards for ordering food or asking for help through different means.

Another application that has launched various tools to let local businesses promote their gift cards and fundraisers, is the famous Neighborhood social network, Nextdoor.

Yelp has also included ways for businesses to extend and promote their virtual services.

These times are very distressing, as the world goes through a crucial pandemic. Due to safety precautions, people have to stay locked in their homes and this has prompted them to use the internet excessively. This has also resulted in their heavy reliance on these social media platforms, amongst which, Facebook remains the most popular and widely used.

Therefore, it is good to know that Facebook and its fellow apps are trying their best to help as much as possible during this dark period.

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