Facebook Announced A Redesign Last Year Which Is Now Going Live For All, Includes Dark Mode And Simplified navigation

Facebook announced a significant redesign of desktop last year. The restructuring comes with extra white space or vice versa if you are using dark mode. Now, Facebook announced that the redesign is going live for all the users and will be released gradually until every user has its access.

According to Facebook, the new design comes with simplified navigation making it easier for users to quickly find tools like Games, Videos, and Facebook Groups. The redesigned Facebook site will also load faster than the previous version. It also shares various design attributes with the Facebook app for mobile.

Then the company has included a dark mode which the users have been craving for a long time now. Facebook’s dark style mimics the similar options available on services and websites like Slack and Twitter. The dark mode looks cool and will also reduce the brightness of your screen. This helps to minimize screen glare a person often receives without this feature, and it might even be easier on your eyes if you work in low light environment. The dark mode also offers an enhanced experience while watching videos on the service.

Lastly, the redesign will also make it easier for users to create Facebook Pages, Groups, Events, and ads. Users can also preview a new Facebook Group that they are starting in real-time, and preview how the Group will look like on Facebook’s mobile app before the Group goes live.

Several users have already tested Facebook’s updated design for a couple of weeks and some stated that the dark mode Facebook is featuring is not wholly black. Instead, this model comprises of various dark grey shades, which is 'alright' for some and not so good for others.

The new design Facebook has released looks alright in a narrow window, but when we stretched it across the length of his 34-inch screen, it looked odd. If your screen is more extensive than around 1,200 pixels, there will be a lot of space left around the main content while using this new Facebook’s design.

Facebook’s old design used to feature an extra column that looked better on larger screens. Plus, the old design featured sharper lines to separate tools on the page.

Similarly, some sections on Pages are not working properly while others are just showing dummy layout, for example on Inbox section.

Ultimately, the tech giant will sort all those sections and users will get used to Facebook’s redesign, but it will take them some time. According to Facebook, the new changes it has introduced are a great new foundation of Facebook for desktop for the upcoming decades.

A spokesman from Facebook informed media outlets that the company had started the rollout on Friday, and the rollout procedure will be gradual until everyone has the new design. Facebook users will get the latest design by default, and there will be no need to download any update to get the new design. Still, Facebook is allowing users to use the old theme of Facebook.com from the Settings menu. You can access the Setting menu from Facebook’s Home Page and go back to the old look by clicking on the option that says, ‘Switch to Classic Facebook’ although the company will remove the old design in a few months.

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