The Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps Worldwide in The Past Month Includes Some Unusual Entries

The trend of downloading apps in 2020 has been a little different than before, especially after the lockdown worldwide and many people are connecting online through various apps. Sensor Tower revealed the list of estimated top 10 non-gaming apps downloads for the last month.

In April 2020, ZOOM has been the most downloaded non-gaming app both on Google Play and App Store, with almost 131 million installs, showing a 60 times more growth than in April 2019. The most number of downloads, around 18.2 percent of the total downloads were in India only, followed by the USA with 14.3 percent downloads.

The second most downloaded non-gamic app was TikTok, having around 107 million downloads in April 2020, a 2.5 times more increase in a year. With around 22 percent of the total downloads, TikTok was also downloaded the most in India and then again followed by the USA with 9.4 percent of the total downloads.

However, the third most downloaded app on the App Store alone in April was Google Meet and followed by Microsoft Teams. Netflix on App Store managed the fifth spot, restricting Instagram on number six and YouTube being the seventh most downloaded app by iOS users.

Tax Report had more installs on App Store (at number eight on the list) than Facebook, which managed to be at the ninth spot followed by Google Classroom, the last on the list of top 10 most downloaded apps in App Store.

Facebook was the third most downloaded app on Google Play Store, followed by WhatsApp and Aarogya Setu. The Facebook Messenger also made it to the list (at number six) beating Instagram (at the seventh spot) and Samsung Security Update at number eight.

Telegram and Likee were seen respectively at the ninth and tenth number on the list of most downloaded apps on Google App Store.

Overall the list of top 10 most downloaded apps, other than the gaming apps, in last month was dominated by online communication apps. After ZOOM and TikTok, the three other most downloaded non-gamic apps, both on the App Store and Google App Store in April 2020 included Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Facebook Messenger managed to be the six most downloaded app overall, followed by Aargoya Setu, Google Meet, and Netflix. Unlike usual, this time Microsoft Teams also made it to the list of most downloaded apps, the tenth most downloaded app worldwide.

The data collected by Store Intelligence includes downloads from App Store and Google Play both, between 1st April 2020 to 30th April 2020, excluding the previous installations. The third-party stores’ data is not included in the Android estimations but it does include the aggregated installs of all app versions, like Facebook and Facebook Lite.

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