Facebook-owned Instagram To Finally Start Featuring Ads On IGTV, Plans To Share Revenue With Content Creators

Facebook’s Instagram rolled out IGTV platform back in the year 2018. The company introduced this platform as Instagram’s way of ‘re-envisioning smartphone video’ through longer-form video content. Now, the IGTV app will gain advertisements for the first time in its history. It is also reported that the company will share a part of ads revenue with content creators. Additionally, Instagram also introduced ‘Badges’ to provide the audience with a way to donate to content creators in Instagram Live streams.

On Wednesday, the company announced this development in a blog post. Instagram stated that the company has always committed to support content creators on Instagram as those creators change their passion into their careers. According to Instagram, every content creator is unique in their own way, and offering a mix of monetization features to help content creators of all sizes is necessary.

Keeping in view the ongoing difficult circumstances, Instagram’s commitment to supporting content creators is more mandatory. Instagram stated in the blog post that the company is introducing new ways for content creators to earn via IGTV as well as Instagram Live.

Instagram will start rolling out this new change with limited advertising partners and content creators in the United States. The company will expand this change gradually as Instagram enhance the experience. Chief Operating Officer at Instagram, Justin Osofsky, informed a media outlet that the company will share 55% revenue cut with content creators which is the industry standard.

The IGTV advertisements will first appear when you tap to watch an IGTV video from the preview in your feed. The duration of these video ads will be 15 seconds and will be specifically built for smartphones. The company also plans to test different experiences within these IGTV ads like the ability to skip an IGTV ad. This will ensure that the end result will operate accurately for advertisers, content creators as well as people.

Content creators can also make more money via Badges. Fans have been supporting their favorite content creators with likes, comments, and donations during the coronavirus pandemic. The company is rolling out Badges to offer people another way to show their love for their favorite creators. You can purchase Badge during a live stream.

These Badges will appear next to your username throughout the live stream and you will also be able to unlock extra tools by using these Badges. Instagram is also expanding Live Shopping to extra content creators seeking to sell their merchandise. The access to ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ is also being expanded to allow content creators to find potential brand partners.

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