YouTube’s Mobile App Gets a Redesigned Video Watch Page

YouTube’s homepage on the website got a pretty well received redesign a few months ago. This new design was cleaner and more efficient and helped you watch what you wanted to watch without all of the clutter that you might have been forced to deal with before. However, the mobile app still didn’t have this redesign and so was lagging behind as users waited for the changes to come, and after this long wait it seems like the change might actually be coming as YouTube’s mobile app gets a redesigned video watch page.

This redesign is coming to both the Android as well as the iOS apps which is good news because of the fact that it means that Google is not favoring its own operating system right now. With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note the changes that are coming. Note that the Watch Next thumbnails are now going to be bigger and the text is also going to be easier to read. This will help you better decide what you want to watch and will make the app a lot more accessible as well which is always a good thing.

Watch Next is also going to be updated to have community posts as well as just videos in order for you to get more content from creators although the popularity of community posts isn’t that high so this might just be YouTube trying to push one of its own features and draw more traffic due it more due to the reason that it would introduce more users to the feature as well as the fact that it would make content creators more likely to use the feature as well since they would know that it is something users have started engaging with.

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