YouTube: New Feature Lets Creators See The Time of The Day When Most Users Are Online

YouTube is that one platform that takes special care of creators whether it comes to providing them handy rewards or features. In fact, the company has recently been more active in giving back to the society in the form of extension of YouTube Giving fundraiser to US, UK and Canada, along with a destination button on the Explore tab that is dedicated for creators who want to be a part of #StayHome #WithMe campaign.

Hence moving on with their giving more trend, some recent developments suggest that the largest video sharing platform by Google is in the progress of expanding its analytics capability by including the option to let creators know when their maximum audience comes online.

First previewed via YouTube's Creator Inside channel, the analytics engineering team at the company came out with a video that had all the necessary details regarding how creators can access to the new data. In a later video YouTube further explained that the Online Audience feature is available to only 10% of the users. The video also went onto show how users can make the best use of data and tick off their goals of raising engagement on the videos.

While the idea does sound fancy, there is still a need to thoroughly understand YouTube's presentation before you incorporate the additional information in your schedules.

Time Spent By Users On YouTube

Prior to this new addition, creators on YouTube always had the advantage of basic demographics that helped them in analyzing the audience and modifying their content all according to age, gender, location, and etc of their subscribers. However, with the new level of insights, there is a widespread misconception that knowing your user’s timings can greatly affect the chances of how many subscribers then get to see your video on their timeline.

The data will primarily reflect the hours spent during the week by your audience on doing some kind of activity on YouTube and not the time spent by any user watching the videos of your particular channel.

Looking at the YouTube Studio analytics dashboard above, one can say that YouTube analytics engineers have given a weapon of gold to the creators to grow their channel, but in a very unique way.

Every block of time is either highlighted by light purple or dark purple. So the darker the boxes get, this serves to be an indication that your audience is online during those hours. Usually, the chances regarding the channel’s audience stand as to remain consistent throughout the day (as also seen in the example above).

Unfortunately with all the positives, this indicator can be of no help for those who want to know how much has a user spent time on their channel.

How Can One Use This Data?

As your greed would tell you to use the data for publishing videos - especially when more audience is online, YouTube hasn’t confirmed if scheduling videos during the dark-purple hours can play a bigger role in channel’s successful long term performance.

So, the best way forward for creators can be if they still take advantage of the time by interacting with other channels, leave comments on videos and engage within the community. Besides that, another effective technique can be broadcasting live streams exactly when more audience is online.

In the end, it’s all about how you are going to use the peak time instead of playing with the algorithms of YouTube, after knowing the peak hours on the platform.

The feature is still under the development phase and no official announcement has yet been made.

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