Youtube Music: The New "Explore" tab Replaces "Hotlist"

Google’s remarkable attempt at providing music service is gradually becoming bigger and better with a range of features that the company has been launching recently. While we saw the transformation from User Channels to a more rearranged library, YouTube Music is now up to replacing the “Hotlist” section with a new “Hotlist” tab.

Hotlist first appeared when the YouTube Music app was relaunched recently. The feature had its focus set on showcasing videos which were basically trending on the main YouTube page. However, now it is being replaced by the “Explore” tab - which as the name suggests, will help users in finding out new great music and playlists that will suit their choices more.

The Explore tab will primarily be based on two sections:

New Releases

Here users will find the latest popular albums, tracks, and music videos, along with brand new content that the algorithms will decide based on the type of music that you already listen to.

Mood & Genres

This section will serve to be the go-to point when users want to fin that one perfect playlist or genre according to their special moments, to relax with, for work-out or even when all they need is feel-good music.

Previously, Discovery in YouTube Music also looked a bit congested in the Home Feed, especially wit recent listens and other recommendations part. Users had to scroll a lot and carousels were just not consistent enough, which then used to force users to save what they love in their Library for when they wanted quick access.

Going beyond the “Explore” section, there is also a carousel of “New albums & singles” which one can swipe and expand to see the list of best new songs. Moreover, a grid of genres is also placed to improve the casual browsing experience when searching through the Home tab isn’t enough.

YouTube Music’s Explore tab will first release on Android and iOS.

New Explore tab on YouTube Music mobile app

Source: YouTube Music.

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