WhatsApp Tests A New Protect Backup Feature, Updated Auto-Download Rule, And An Advanced Search Feature For Messages

  • WhatsApp is still developing these features and you may not be able to use these features.
  • The company has also fixed a bug in its latest beta which frequently resulted the app crash.

Whatsapp has released the new beta version for its app which gives the users a glimpse of its upcoming features. The features include an Advanced Search feature which helps the users to quickly search any sort of media messages within the app. A new Protect Backup feature is also seen in the latest beta that will enhance the security of Google Drive backup of the users. A new auto-download rule is also seen under development which will stop the forwarded media messages to automatically download in the device.

WABetainfo published a report discussing the new features that it has unleashed in the latest WhatsApp v2.20.117 beta version for Android. According to the report, users will be able to categorically search for media messages such as photos, videos, Gifs, links, audio, and document files, while using the new Advanced Search feature. The Facebook-owned messaging app is still developing this feature and making changes to it to make it work properly. You may not be able to even use the feature for now. The same feature was seen last year in the WhatsApp v2.20.30.25 beta version for iOS smartphones.

Discussing the new Protect Backup feature, this feature is also under the development phase. The feature enhances the security of your Google Drive backup by providing you the opportunity for setting a password for your backups. WhatsApp v2.20.66 beta for Android had also the same feature. The feature adds a layer of security by enabling the users to protect their chat backups with a security password. The feature is not enabled yet on the app and is currently running only on the limited beta version. It is important to note that the password will not be saved on the servers of WhatsApp or Facebook that means if you do not remember your password, your chat backup is gone and you will not be able to recover those backups without the password.

Whatsapp is also changing its auto-update rule and you may be able to use this feature in the coming updates. There is an option available within the app where you can turn on the auto-downloads for specific media content messages. The app automatically downloads those media content for which the users have turned on the auto-download feature. But there is a possibility in the future that the platform will implement a new rule that will stop the auto-downloading of commonly forwarded media content across the platform.

WABetainfo also stated that the platform has fixed a critical bug that induced the app to crash frequently. According to WABeta info, a library called libcurve25519 was not present on which the WhatsApp had some sort of dependency, this caused the app to crash.

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