What does the average American PC gaming setup look like?

There are millions of people all around the world who play video games every day on different consoles. Popular consoles include PC, Mobile Phones, PlayStation, and Xbox. Recently, PC Mag surveyed around 23,700 gamers within the age bracket of 18 to 54. Out of all the people surveyed, around 19% were PC gamers. They were asked several questions regarding their gaming lifestyle. After significant data was collected, the survey concluded that gamers who use PC, one of the most powerful consoles, as their primary platform are willing to spend a large amount of money on a comfortable chair and GPU, just to play videogames!

An average American PC gaming setup has well-invested hardware, especially a good graphics card and a well-financed monitor with little to no room for other desk utilities. The gamers surveyed were asked about furniture and console set up. While the majority of the respondents did not care about having fancy furniture and setups, they all wanted to have a comfortable chair with maximum flexibility and lumbar support. Around 13% of respondents said they want to have a chair with a full tilt and reclining capability for added relaxation during gameplay.

Moreover, they were asked questions regarding how much they would spend to buy their consoles, and to our surprise, many of them responded that they will not spend a high amount and will resort to moderately priced PCs over the high-end setups. However, there was a fair 9% that claimed to want to opt for high-end PC consoles, roughly over $3500. Many even said that they would want to build their PCs! This percentage accounted for 1/3rd of the people surveyed. When questioned about why they would want to go with that approach, rather than just buying a high-end PC, many responded with wanting to install a high-quality graphics card rather than investing in a high-quality PC. Around 43% of gamers said they want their graphics card to make their games’ frame rate and graphics better. With RAM memory being their second priority and storage coming at third priority.

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