Google AI calling service DUPLEX reaches new destinations (Australia, Canada and UK)

In the world of technology and devices, nothing remain constant, everything changes with time. It was a time when Facebook was a social media platform where people could express their opinion but now it is hub of marketing, business and journalism. Similarly Google is also expanding. It has started producing phones and started investing in artificial intelligence industry, including Duplex.

Duplex is AI-based service that assist person by talking to the restaurants and offices on behalf of the user. However, it cannot talk to the friends like people do. What duplex can do is to reserve seat in restaurant by talking to the restaurants staff or fix an appointment by talking to the office. The machine talk themselves in human like voice to make the life easier. The phone can book the seat in parlor or do registrations as well.

By 2019, the service was available in the United States and New Zealand only but a Google support page reveals that Duplex can be downloaded in Australia, UK and Canada from now onward as Google has listed more contact numbers on the support page.

Google Duplex was introduced in 2018 at I/O conference in which CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated that the service would make appointments without human interaction. He demonstrated to the audience by making an appointment via technology. According to his demonstration, the technology could understand “um” and pauses that make the machine assisted communication more like a human. After the demonstration, the company posted a video that has steps how to reserve seat in a restaurant via the AI.

Initially, the technology was available in a few states and there were concerns about its use. The shops and small business said that the call would be made via machine without informing them that their operator are talking to the machine not a human.

However, Google tried to solve their problem and make it easier for companies to accept it, they succeed not much. In the beginning, the company used to disclose in the call that machine is conversing by telling the listener that Google is on the phone and the call will be recorded while giving option not to record the call while speaking to the humans to businesses. However the companies have chance to choose not to record the call. On choosing that options, the call is transferred to non-recorded line by the Google Assistant. Right now, there are human listeners of the service that has been helping to improve the algorithm of the Duplex.

Google Duplex is available on Google Pixel devices and Android phones that have the OS of version 5.0. The company has said to start the Duplex in iPhones as well.

Duplex can be used easily. A person has to activate Google Assistant, ask the assistant to reserve seat. This will give you list of cafes and restaurants and call the place which you choose. The machine will ask you day, time and date and then the seat will be reserved.

So, this is what you should know about Duplex. If you live in Australia, New Zealand or any country where it is available them use it and make your lives easier!

Featured photo: AP Photo/Eric Risberg

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