Twitter Boasts 152 Million Daily Active Users in its Q4 2019 Report

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms where you will find genuine celebrities, politicians and journalists. After Facebook, Twitter is the most famous social network for content distribution.

Twitter gained 152 million monetizable daily users on its platform by the end of 2019. Twitter says that the spike is because of the AI tweet recommendations that put ‘more relevant’ tweets in users timeline.

The number of daily users on Twitter grew from 145 million users in 2018 to 126 million users in 2017. Twitter says that mostly it was because of the improvement in the products such as showing relevant tweets in notifications or on timelines on Twitter, which lead to generating more users to the platform.

Twitter Boasts 152 Million Daily Active Users in its Q4 2019 Report

Twitter is expected to grow more as compared to Facebook and Snapchat, if it continues to move at this pace. Twitter only shows tweets on the user’s timeline that they might be the most interested in. If a user is following a few accounts, then their feed might be filled with likes, replies, and related stuff by the people they follow. Hence, you will get to see what you are expecting to see.

Considering all of this, Twitter’s machine learning model has the capability to grow more than other social media platforms.

Apart from user growth, Twitter also reported an increase in revenue this quarter. For the first time ever, Twitter was able to collect revenue of about $1 billion.

Last year, Twitter faced some problems to collect revenue due to the bugs that influenced the number of ads on the platform. Let’s see what Twitter has got for us in the future.

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