Pinterest Published A Report Which Shows The Current List Of Growing Pin Trends

  • The content discovery network revealed its current list of growing pin trends and users insights.
  • The coronavirus pandemic had a major impact on Pinning trends.
  • The report can help you to map out your social media strategy.
  • This report can prove to be a key for eCommerce brands.

Pinterest shared a report on Tuesday showing the list of growing pin trends over the platform. The latest insights will help you to map out your next platform strategy by showing you the key usage observation of the pin trends.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced lockdowns across the globe resulting in the surged usage on Pinterest. The lockdowns had a major impact on pin trends too. The platform recorded a huge increase in the number of people using the platform to get ideas for activities to do while staying at home. It’s clear from the report that users are searching for tips and ideas to help them while working from the home-another impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Pinners are searching for home haircuts as we cannot go to a barbershop during the lockdowns. Home workouts pins are also trending due to the closure of gyms and the masses are trying to stay fit while staying at their homes. Parents are also searching for games and educational activities for their kids to create a balance between learning and entertainment for their kids while the schools are being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. These types of pins are trending only due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The world is trying to adjust to the ‘new normal’ way of living after the outbreak of corona. The pinners are searching for accurate information on the platform and businesses are trying to understand the new needs of the people. Brands actually want tips from Pinterest to understand what people are searching for on the platform. The report focuses on providing information about pinners’ needs during these circumstances. The usage insights provided in the report will help you to map out your upcoming strategies to keep your posts trending over the platform. The behavioral changes of the masses are significantly appearing in the latest Pin trends. This can help you come up with ideas on how you can coordinate your digital marketing efforts with these trending Pins.

The platform has been working to build out its eCommerce offerings. The platform intends to become a more extensive provider for online shopping opportunities and is focusing on this space for a long time. These usage insights can prove to be a key for eCommerce brands who want to boost their sales. During these times, most retailers are working as eCommerce traders due to the closure of shopping malls across the globe. This leads to a fact that this mission of Pinterest to build out its eCommerce offerings has become even more compelling.

If you are working as an eCommerce brand, you might want to go through searching trends on Pinterest to figure out a way to grasp your target audiences.

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