Google’s Art and Culture App Gets New AI to Transform Selfies into Paintings

Google has a lot of different native apps that it is trying to push in order to make it so that its users have their own apps that they can use on a regular basis and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Google is trying to widen its reach and offer its users a much greater variety when it comes to the kinds of things they want to take part in every so often.

The Art and Culture app is quite unique in the sense that it tries to get people involved in and excited about artistic and cultural pursuits, and a new feature that has come up might just make this app seem a lot more interesting for people to look into on a regular basis. This new feature involves you turning pictures you have taken into what appear to be paintings and other works of art (as featured in below video). You would be able to select what kind of art style you prefer in this regard and this will change the overall outcome of the painting that you eventually get.

The truly amazing thing about this feature is the algorithm. This algorithm doesn’t just change the way the pixels look, it transforms the picture entirely and it involves a truly deep understanding of artistic styles and the like all of which are quite detailed in ways that most algorithms prior to this one have not been able to understand. This feature is called Art Transfer and using it is quite easy which can often make it difficult to realize just how advanced the technology behind this sort of thing can be. This is just one way in which thing are progressing that makes the future seem so exciting and mysterious.

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