After Animals, Google Search Will Soon Offer A 3D View of Cars and More Objects As Well

Not so long ago, Google introduced 3D animals which became an instant favorite of everyone, especially kids, in the times of coronavirus crisis. We got to see creators making amazing videos with the feature and that definitely gave Google the hint about the potential of artificial reality-based objects.

Hence, while 3D animals might have just been a fancy experiment, Google plans to go one step ahead by putting out 3D rendered images of Ford and KIA models for all the car lovers.

The revelation regarding Ford and KIA working closely with Google to introduce their new or popular car models in 3D was made through the company’s own XML list of 3D objects. While previously, the list had everything from Cheetah to a Hedgehog and the Great White Shark, the recent changes to it include 2020 Ford Mustang and the 2020 Kia Telluride right at the top of the same list.

Furthermore, Google has also partnered up with NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target, Visible Body, Volvo, Wayfair and more to let users enjoy a 3D view of their products in the search results.

With the advent of AR, Google has always been very much clear about their aim with the evolution of this technology. According to the company, if you’re a human anatomy student in school or you want to shop a pair of sneakers from your favorite brands, Google will soon make you enjoy the real world view of your desired products right onto your mobile screens.

The model of cars might appear as very different from animal models as they will come sponsored, whereas the animals have been created for educational purposes. Google has also already made the human skeleton and some planetary models from NASA for children who want more related help.

However, if you ask us personally then we are more excited about how will companies like Samsung, Target, New Balance, and Wayfair give a 3D life to their objects on Google to advertise.

After Animals, Google Search Will Soon Offer A 3D View of Cars and More Objects As Well

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