TikTok takes another step towards coronavirus relief and support by introducing the Donation Stickers

TikTok has announced in a blog post that it's rolling out a feature called Donation Stickers.

Video and content creators on TikTok can use these stickers on their videos or Live Streams with an intent to collect funds for charitable organizations that are working or partnering with TikTok directly.

By adding a Donation Sticker in a video or Live stream, users will be guided to a window where they can donate to any charitable organization like the CDC Foundation, The Actors Fund, No Kid Hungry, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and Meals on Wheels.

And all of this can be done through TikTok directly. There will be no redirection to other pages or applications.

These and some other organizations that TikTok has teamed up with for the launch of this feature are all working selflessly to provide as much support to the COVID-19 affected vulnerable communities as possible.

The donations will be handled by a famous fundraising platform called Tiltify. This platform has powered donation features embedded in various Live streams and has also worked with the Twitch platform for their numerous fundraising initiatives.

Aside from the charity foundations and organizations, through these Donation stickers, TikTok is also extending its supporting hands to the frontline doctors, health care workers, educators, actors, musicians, restaurant workers, and anyone else who has been severely impacted by this coronavirus pandemic.

Through this app, not only entertaining videos can be created, but important information regarding this novel virus can be forwarded too.

Besides, the company is going to match donations collected and funds raised through these Donation stickers until 27th May 2020. As a result, a special hashtag #doubleyourimpact will be added to the videos and live streams that will use the Donation stickers.

This is not the only philanthropic measure by TikTok. The company has announced $250 million for coronavirus relief activities and support groups. It also pledged $125 million for ad credits that will be needed to rebuild public health organizations and some community businesses.

TikTok is also going to donate $4 million to No Kid Hungry and Meals on Wheels exclusively.

From 5th May 2020 to 9th May 2020, TikTok will host Live streams specifically focused on fundraising. This is as part of the “Happy at Home: #OneCommunity” nightly event.

In the previous months, Instagram also came up with the feature of support stickers for small businesses and communities that have faced a major blow due to the disastrous coronavirus pandemic.

It is very nice to see that giant applications like TikTok and Instagram are proactively taking part to provide help and relief to the world, in these crucial times.

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Featured photo: Thomas Trutschel | Photothek | Getty Images
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