Samsung users are struggling with the use of Google Chrome over its default internet browser

Samsung is one of the largest tech firms with millions of active users from all over the world. Like the majority of tech devices, Samsung devices also come with its own internet installed as default as compared to Google Chrome.

Even though Samsung internet works good but still so many users prefer using Google Chrome or Edge as compared to Samsung's default internet browser.

According to a recent revelation, a strange bug on Samsung devices is making it difficult for users to use other browsers and we’re not sure if the tech firm did this on purpose or if it’s just another bug that came with the new update but on some of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the Samsung internet browser is hijacking the default browsers when a user specifically tries to open some Custom Tabs.

If you’re confused about Customer Tabs, well Samsung enables the apps to open a default internet browser in the same window of the apps and this is what the Samsung internet is hijacking on some Galaxy devices.

This type of Customer Tabs functionality usually works with both Android internet browsers including Samsung Internet and Google Chrome but some users are struggling with the hijacking issue.

According to the issues posted by 9To5Google, this bug was first noticed on Samsung Galaxy S20+ as it was being hijacked by Samsung Internet and despite some other browsers being set as default browser the apps were still opening Custom Tabs in the Samsung Internet and same would usually happen with the text selection UI of Android. Even if a link was highlighted, Samsung Internet would be displayed despite other browsers being the default browser on the system.

The users of Samsung Galaxy were also facing this Custom Tab issue with the ‘open in’ option as well as Samsung Internet will show up even if the link was opening using Chrome Custom Tab and with Chrome as default in its setting.

To dig a little deeper on this bug, Max Weinbach took his three Samsung Galaxy S20 models in order to analyze the bug and found one out of the three phones was showing Samsung Internet as default.

We are concerned the same way you are as frankly it’s pretty difficult to tell the reason behind this bug as most of the users of Galaxy S20+ are facing the issue of Samsung Internet taking over Custom Tabs even if the Chrome was at default whereas usually on Samsung smartphones, Chrome Custom Tabs will take over even if some other browser was at default.

One user solved this issue by removing the G Suite account from the device, rebooting the phone and then adding the account back and now the default browser behaves normally as it should but this solution is not permanent as the reason behind this bug is unknown.

It seems as if the implementation of Custom Tabs is broken somehow despite so many changes in the system but whatever the cause is it’s pretty much disturbing and we really hope Samsung comes up with a solution soon to prevent the users from abandoning Samsung phones.

Samsung users are struggling with the use of Google Chrome over its default internet browser

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