Here Is All The Data That You Should Know About Before Optimizing Your Digital Outreach Strategy In 2020 (infographic)

Businesses today aim for increasing their online reach all the time as after all, dominating the digital market share is the way forward towards success. But with humans being an integral part of any digital outreach strategy, keeping an eye on the rapidly changing choices and behaviors of consumers becomes difficult to manage.

While the situation creates the need to improve the existing plans for every brand out there form time to time, the teams from Fractl and Buzzstream have come up with their own research regarding what digital outreach tactics will work in the already difficult year 2020. They have presented the data in the form of an infographic that includes vital information and going through it will serve as a guide for you on how you should move forward with marketing your own company this year.

Have you ever personally made a secondary “junk only” email address that you use for trying out special offers or discounts, especially from the brands you don’t want to remain connected to for long? Well, turns out that people are actually up to this idea and that means your marketing emails or flash sale advertisements are just dropping off in emails that people don’t really care about on a daily basis.

This research on online sign-ups habit has been conducted with 1,000 US adults, who also love to shop when they find something great. Their finding includes some important insights that can help digital marketers plan their strategies accordingly.
  1. Almost two-thirds of Americans give their “junk only” email address when they are forced to give one in order to apply for discounts or an offer.
  2. 7 in 10 people even then unsubscribe as soon as a brand sends them the free resource that they were looking for in the first place.
  3. Nearly half of the recipients read 25% or less of the email newsletters
  4. 67% of the participants are increasingly worried about their personal data being shared with advertisers and therefore the top preference of such users has been to watch an ad instead of giving away their numbers or email.
You can check out the more insights through the infographic below that contains all the necessary details which you will have to keep in mind before optimizing your digital outreach strategy for the year 2020.

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