Facebook's Testing a New COVID-19 Themed Reaction Emoji

As the COVIS-19 is taking over the whole world everyone as well as every major company is trying to fight it in their own way. Some people are donating money while others are donating safety accessories, similarly, some organizations are creating digital programs to survive self-isolation while others are volunteer services to charities and other health institutions.

So, in the same way, Facebook is doing all it can to support people and different organizations fight the COVID-19. As spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is testing a new themed reaction for the Coronavirus. This reaction is being developed so that people may be able to respond to relevant posts quickly and efficiently. However, this is a strange move by Facebook.

The reason it is strange is that reactions are designed to represent and show emotions at a glance. Your reaction to a post is your first response to it before commenting on it. So, if the reactions are used to show people’s emotion and their response to a post then what would the reaction of COVID-19 be about? What will be the meaning of a virus’s response? And if it is not a reaction like other reactions than what is it? We are unable to understand these things.

This is not the first time when Facebook is creating and experimenting with new reactions. In the past, Facebook expanded its ‘emotion range’. In 2016, Facebook created and designed a new reaction which was a purple flower for Mother’s Day. It wasn’t really for mothers because it was about being thankful. Now, we are not only thankful to our mothers, but we are also thankful for many other things. But Facebook said that the flower reaction was for being thankful to mothers. The flower reaction was supposed to show our thankfulness to our mothers on relevant posts.

The flower reaction was visually not a fitting reaction. It was not visually correct but, it was for being thankful to mothers in general. In the same way, having a reaction for COVID-19 doesn’t seem feasible. The reaction can be for people who are on the frontline fighting this virus or maybe it is to show support to some charity during the time of such haste and panic. It is also possible that like everyone Facebook is just reacting to the pandemic of Coronavirus. Maybe people want a window to breathe in and that is what Facebook is providing them during the destruction of this disease.

We will find about the real reason for this reaction soon enough when Facebook finally decides to release the new reaction button but, currently, it is in testing.

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