Instagram tests a ‘blocking’ feature for Stories

Instagram is reportedly working on a ‘block’ feature for its Stories format. According to a screenshot shared by reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong on her official Twitter account, the new feature would allow users to hide their all stories from specific users.

In response to her tweet, some Twitteratis claim that the feature is already available on Instagram. However, Wong clarified that previously, Instagram allowed users to block a particular user from seeing a particular stories while keeping others visible. But through the new, upcoming protocol – Instagrammers would be able to hide all the stories from a user, meaning, the blocked users won't be able to view any story from the person who've blocked them.

As of yet, the Facebook-owned platform is testing the feature so users would have to wait a while before the official launch.

Meanwhile, Instagram has finally integrated a 48-hour timeline to its Story viewer, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi. Yes, the feature is now enabled by default for all users and would allow them to keep their Stories for up to 48 hours.

This feature would be extremely helpful for creators who need to track the number of views on each Story they post and found the 24-hour timeline a little short.

The Stories feature on Instagram is a popular addition to the social media network and endorsed by the general audience and celebrity influencers alike. However, the feature also provided a peephole to stalkers who would spy on every post uploaded.

Luckily, Instagram is gradually implementing changes that would lessen the negative influence on its users. Stay updated with us for more news on the upcoming features.

Instagram is working on the ability to block someone from the Story viewer list

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