Google Play Store Will Soon Have A Dedicated Kids Section With "Teacher Approved" Apps

Have you lately been worried about how your children are spending too much time with smartphones during the quarantine especially? Then Google has stepped up to take care of your concerns by dedicating a special Kids section in the Play Store, where your kids will now find “Teacher Approved” apps to get entertained.

As the search giant is always known for bringing more ease into the lives of people, hence in this case, Google is making sure that the Kids section should not only appear as eye candy for the children upon visiting the Play Store daily, but the apps becoming a part of it should actually contribute towards the wellbeing of children as well.

To achieve the similar aim, every approved app in the section will actually have teachers rating its quality standards, the suitable age groups for the app and what will your children learn through them. And as a result, parents can finally trust their children for spending their days with apps that can make them learn something new as well.

The Kids tab was previously expected to be launched later this year. However, with COVID-19 pandemic and schools closed for a relatively longer time, introducing it before time became mandatory. In fact, as for Google as well, we agree that there wouldn’t have been a better time to take care of kids through this Play Store based initiative than now.

Nevertheless, with all the positives, Google has also stated that some apps in the section may remain missing for a while or might even have glitches, but the developers of the respective apps and reviewers, to later approve them (teachers in this case) are collectively working hard to release as many apps as possible.

While the Kids section will hopefully roll out altogether in the next few days around the US, Google is also aiming for an international launch in the coming months.

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