You Might Soon Be Able to Post Live Streams to IGTV

Instagram is in many ways the quintessential influencer platform, and Facebook has been trying to fill it up with all kinds of features that influencers and content creators might end up finding to be enormously useful for quite a long time now. One of the most useful features that a lot of creators have been using quite frequently has involved things like live streaming, and IGTV has also been launched in order to create a hub for more long form video based content that you might not be able to get elsewhere all in all.

However, the fact of the matter is that there is one problem with these features, and this is that you can’t crosspost. Live streams will go up on your profile but your IGTV profile will not have them available for people to see. This can be a real problem because of the fact that you would want all of your content in one place, and live streams are generally something you would potentially end up wanting on your main profile with all of your other long form content which is basically the sort of thing that you end up getting when you use YouTube for things like this.

This is probably why a new update is being tested out that would make it so that you would be able to post your recently ended live broadcast to your IGTV page. This is a great feature because of the fact that it would help content creators maintain a sense of consistency with regards to the kind of content they are creating, and it will also help to legitimize IGTV to a certain extent by making it a more viable option for content creators to use, something that has frequently been a problem for the platform.

Instagram is working on streamlining sharing Live Videos to IGTV after it’s ended with this new UI
Screenshot: Jane Manchun Wong.

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