Google is Re-Branding Hangouts To Meet

Are you having a good time with Google Hangouts this quarantine or you once used the communication software for your company? Whatever the case is, there is branding change underway which includes the renaming of Hangouts Meet to Google Meet.

As spotted by Android Police, the official Hangout Meet support website shows that the header and title being replaced to Google Meet and to confirm it even further, this change regarding the video conferencing tool has also been mentioned in one piece of the support documentation as well.

Well, with that Hangouts Chat now also stand as the last product in Google’s lineup that has the brand name of Hangouts attached to it. Although Google hasn’t announced regarding an official end date of Hangouts service but the company is definitely planning to transition all of its users to Hangouts Chat - which who knows might also become Google Chat later (a name previously used for Google's original chat client, Google Talk).

Google’s move to rename Hangouts Chat was always on cards because of how the executives plan to compete with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom on various fronts and to make that possible, the Hangouts brand already had a weak reputation. The majority of the services that were introduced with Hangouts have had to be taken down and this leaves Google with the option to revamp its legacy consumer chat service with the touch of the company’s own name.

This would soon give rise to a much needed unified Google communications platform, which could be more trusted and might be more loved as well.

Photo: OpturaDesign/Shutterstock

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