Google continues to experiment with favicons and contemporary designs for the search results page

Since a couple of months, Google has been experimenting with several modern designs for the search results page, incorporating more color and making it more visually aesthetic.

The experiments are still going on as it has started to play with favicons too.

Favicons are small, 16x16 pixel square images that are used by browsers for a graphical representation of the site being visited, and they appear usually on the left side of the browser’s address or tab bar.

When Google initially started using these favicons in January 2020, it received a lot of negative criticism and later, it removed them too. But it has been reported that it was not the end of the experimentation, as Google kept testing with these favicons, but for a limited number of users.

Screenshot: Ethan Lazuk / Twitter.

Besides experimenting with favicons, Google has been working around with new layout designs for the search results page too. It all started back in 2019, and the experimentation process continues, after so many months, as many other users are experiencing updated design randomly.

These designs have more depth, more color, and more character, and they are meant to be visually pleasing. This testing is available for more people and it is a good step, more innovative and more invigorating.

Screenshot: @foodieby_nature / Twitter.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the world is already in a state of chaos. There is an extreme level of uncertainty among people and at the moment, it all seems very bleak and grim.

However, the colorful Google search designs and the addition of favicons is a welcome change. It is appealing to see and somehow, psychologically it is giving out a message of hope.

Although Google had started doing these experiments way before the COVID-19 hit the world and brought it upside down, but they are proving to be helpful now, in recent times.

These are a very small changes, maybe insignificant for many people, but it still holds a lot of meaning if we see it in light of the current stressful days.

Having said that, these designs and favicons are mostly very appealing to the eyes, but some changed are more abstract, and that, at times look a little cluttered, creating a sense of displeasure and confusion in the minds of some users.

Perhaps that is the reason why Google is taking so long in its experimentation process.

Whatever the conclusion it reaches, and however long time it takes, it is still worthy to see the end result.

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