Facebook Will No Longer Host Large Events Till 2021 & Let Employees Work From Home

You may criticize Mark Zuckerberg for privacy breaches but when it comes to saving its people and the world that is currently connected via Facebook, the CEO is taking the best care as he has announced that the company’s employees will start working from home till the end of Summers.

This is one of the important developments in Facebook’s plans to protect lives that came shortly after Zuckerberg and his team announced to not hold any large event at least till July 2021.

While sharing the news through a post on Facebook, Zuckerberg told that most of the employees already have the advantage of working from home either because of the nature of their job or they already have the resources to cope up with the workload at home as well. However, with the current move, the CEO wants to give this liberty to others too by making resources readily available for everyone. With this move, Facebook hopes to keep its community safe so that they can get back in the routine as soon as possible.

Prior to this announcement, there were expectations that Facebook will call all of its employees back to office, along with the assurance of proper social distancing measures. However, now it seems like that the new work-from-home culture will continue to thrive for Facebook at least till the end of May - or even more if some of the employees have some problem coming to the office through the summers. Besides that, Zuckerberg has also revealed the policy of no business travel at least till June 2020.

Moreover, for physical events that require 50 or more guests, Facebook has decided to conduct them virtually or maybe cancel it till June 2021, if they are not that important. But below the count of 50, the company might host small events in its personal space.

Facebook has really been acting like a true hero throughout these two months of the global pandemic. First, they canceled the F8 developer conference, then asked their employees to work from home with an additional $1000 bonus for their needs, gave Portal video-calling devices and even permitted employees to take off some time if they want to.

Photo: Samuel Corum via Getty Images

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