Facebook’s experimentation of improved stories might lead to a feature of keeping stories active for as long as 3 whole days

We all know that Facebook stories are slowly gaining user attraction, but it's nothing as compared to the popularity gained by Instagram stories. We can almost instantly figure out why that's the case. It's probably due to the large number of Facebook audience that's old. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently revealed that Facebook is testing an improved version of Stories format that may last up to 3 days.

We are aware that the concept behind stories is that they last for 24 hours, but with the given age group of Facebook audience that's not as interactive as the new generation, they are experimenting with an option that would allow the users to keep the story online for 3 days.

No doubt that three days of duration for a story is a big shift, deviating from the main idea of what story is supposed to be. It also goes against the whole ethos on which the story idea was based. But Facebook is probably hoping that it would be more convenient for its users that's relatively older as compared to the audience on other networking sites.

The overall trend of posting and sharing has been shifted towards stories these days. Although 500 million Facebook users are now drawn to posting stories but looking at Facebook's total active users the number is still not that impressive as compared to Instagram. The recent statistics show that stories will take over feed posting as the major form of sharing and Facebook has realized that too. They really want this feature to gain more popularity so they aren't left behind, hence longer lasting stories might seem like a reasonable solution. If the stories stay for 3 days on top of their feeds, it might improve their interact rate. This might make the older audiences more accustomed to the idea of stories.

However, for all those who used Facebook stories for marketing purposes it might seem a bit extreme, burdening your followers with promotions for as long as three whole days. It would seem a bit inconvenient. But again there's always a way out, Facebook will also allow 24 hour option along with 3 days to let users stick to what is ideal for them.

There has been no official statement from Facebook, confirming the news. But from what is known about Wong's prior findings, it might take a month before there's any official news.

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