Facebook Is Rolling Out New Reaction Letting People Show Support to Each Other

In the times of global pandemic and social distancing, people need back up each other more than ever before. Considering the current global situation, Facebook is introducing a care reaction to let people show support to one another during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The new animation depicting care consists of a smiling face that cuddles a heart. There are already six reactions showing different emotions including thumbs up, heart, laughter, shock, sadness, and anger.

The new care reaction will be added to the existing reactions which can be used on posts, images, videos, and comments on the platform to let people show their support and care to other users.

According to Alexandru Voica, Facebook's EMEA tech comms manager, these new reaction for Facebook will be rolled out worldwide from the next week.

Whereas the Messenger service of Facebook will also have an additional reaction in the form of a pulsating heart, which is already being rolled out to users around the globe.

Previously, the popular social networking site has also added extra reactions on different occasions, like a Pride rainbow and also a purple flower reaction for Mothers’ Day.

The social platform is making efforts to keep its users engaged and hopeful during the pandemic situation. The company is keeping its users updated with the latest Coronavirus information as it is connecting them to reliable information across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

It is also working to deal with the spread of misinformation among people through its apps which might spread panic among masses. To avoid the use of exploitative ad strategies during this period, the ads for hand sanitizers, medical masks, disinfecting wipes or related products have been banned.

The global health organizations can run free ads on the platform, so when people search about the information on Facebook related to the virus, a pop-up is displayed at the top of search results allowing users to connect with credible health organizations like World Health Organization (WHO).

Coronavirus Information Center has been established on Facebook, where tips from WHO are shared with people about how they can protect themselves against the virus and the ways to adjust to the new routine.

Furthermore, the company has collaborated with WHO and is providing accurate information through WhatsApp. WHO Health Alert has been introduced from where people can get the latest updates and tips to deal with Coronavirus. The service was initially launched in English but the company announced to make it available in all six United Nations languages over time.

Facebook is taking up the responsibility and has been continuously working to help people during the Coronavirus one way or the other.

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