Facebook Tests A New Feature Specifically Designed For College Students Called The 'Campus'

  • Facebook is currently working on a special feature known as campus and probably only college students will be able to use it.
  • A tweet from a Hong-Kong based coder uncovers the details about the upcoming feature.
  • A similar feature was also tested on Instagram back in 2018.

Facebook has been working to produce ways to involve its users during the lockdowns. In the latest report, it has been seen that the social media giant is working on a new feature called the ‘campus’. The new addition aims to engage college students from the same college community. Students will be able to log in to the app by using their college identity cards and the platform will help these students connect with other students from their institution.

It is interesting to note that Facebook itself started as a college campus app. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook studied at Harvard University at that time and initiated the platform from the college room. This might be the reason most people are saying are that the platform is returning to its basics.

A Hong-Kong based hacker named Jane Manchun Wong first leaked the news that the platform is testing the said feature. Usually, Jane is famous for uncovering the upcoming features before their official release. Facebook Campus is referred to be a separate space exclusively created for college students and their respective communities. When launched, interested students can register themselves and log in by using their college identity card. Plus they can also enter other information such as the expected year in which they will graduate, their minor and major subjects, and even dorm details to engage with other students from the college community.

According to Jane, the feature will exclusively be for college students and provide options such as campus groups and campus events, etc. She also posted a screenshot in the tweet displaying the Campus feature.

Facebook-owned Instagram also tested a similar feature in 2018 and is found to be more comprehensive. Instagram’s college community generates groupings of students based on class lists. This feature allows the users to view the public story of group members and directly connect to them by texting them from the group.

It is evident that the platform is focusing on teenagers with this feature. The reason being the teenagers in America are using Instagram and Snapchat more than Facebook. The percentage of teenagers using Facebook App reduced from 71% during 2014-2015 to 51% in the year 2018.

The platform has not made any statement on when the new feature will be rolled out but it is expected that it will be offered to a limited number of Facebook users for testing on its initial stages.

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