Massively Popular Android VPN App Revealed to be Highly Dangerous

Google’s Play Store is often criticized for allowing dangerous apps to be downloaded by a lot of people before they are finally taken down but the latest example of this is the sort of thing that has exceeded all previous examples of things like this happening. The app in question is one that has been downloaded and installed over a hundred million times which is the sort of thing that indicates that it is massively popular, but it is very important to realize that in truth this app is actually extremely dangerous for people to use.

The app we are talking about right now is Super VPN, and the reason behind why you should uninstall it has to do with the fact that it can make you vulnerable to man in the middle attacks which are often quite risky. They can expose your device to all kinds of attacks and the fact of the matter is that these attacks can lead to you losing access to your data which is something that pretty much nobody is going to want to have to go through at any point in time whatsoever.

The truly shocking aspect, as per VPNpro, is that the vulnerabilities that this app had have been known for quite some time now but in spite of the fact that people were talking about these things Google failed to act and now the app had been downloaded over a hundred million times. We strongly urge all users of this app to uninstall it as quickly as possible otherwise there is a very good chance that their systems might just end up becoming compromised which is the sort of thing that can be extremely risky all in all since it can lead to all kinds of problems down the line.

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