Facebook Suggests 4 Steps YOU should follow to Secure your Account while Working from Home!

To say that technology has been playing an outstanding role so far in helping out people amid the ongoing pandemic would be an understatement. As we know, COVID-19 has forced a large portion of the human population to study/work remotely. But are we making sure that while working remotely, our online accounts are secure?

Ensuring that our information online is safe while our phones/laptops are connected to public networks should be our top priority. In many instances, companies encourage employees to use their dedicated VPNs, coupled with various security systems for ensuring safety of the data. However, our responsibility to keep our information safe doesn’t end here!

To make things easier for us to understand, Facebook has recommended some helpful steps, following which can enable us to secure our accounts better and stay safe from hack attacks while we continue to work remotely.

Following are the steps Facebook wants us to follow:

1. Protect your Passwords: It’s a no-brainer that the password we use for our Facebook (or any other) account should be strong and not be used anywhere else. Having the same passwords over multiple platforms weakens your accounts’ security.

2. Turn on Login Alerts: A very helpful step indeed. Once you choose to receive login alerts, you will be immediately notified if someone tries accessing your account from a new or unknown device or browser.

3. Review your Logins: This step basically comprises of two sub-steps. Firstly, you have to remember to keep tabs on past sessions and make sure that you close the ones on devices and browsers you do not use. Secondly, make it a habit to keep your phone number and email address up to date in your account, so it is easier for you to enlist the help of Facebook in regaining access to your account (if you forget your password or get locked out somehow).

4. Watch Out for Phishing & Scams: Facebook will NEVER ask for your password via email. So, stay safe online and avoid all sorts of suspicious messages and links asking for financial assistance or your personal details.

We hope that these steps help you in becoming more careful about your account security. Feel free to forward this story to others, as we are all in this situation together and having each others’ backs is surely the nice thing to do!

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