Facebook Groups to Allow Connect Via Messenger with Fellow Members without Adding Them

Can you tell how many Facebook groups you have joined so far? Surely, you cannot share the exact figure as there must be numerous especially if you are on Facebook from a long time. Around 1.4 billion users are already members of Facebook groups and more than 10 percent of the total groups on Facebook have proved to be meaningful for its users.

Facebook groups allow users to be more interactive than Facebook pages and set up a group for likeminded people or fan clubs where people can talk on a certain subject or share their experiences, depending upon what is the purpose of the group.

Considering the interest of people, Facebook is introducing a way to make connection easier with other group members. According to the digital and social media consultant and news-breaker, Matt Navarra (who got tip from Jonathan Pollinger), Facebook is working to let group members contact the other group member through Messenger without adding each other as Facebook friends.

First, you will have to allow other group members to contact on Messenger. The members of the group will be able to see if you have allowed it or not. Then the group members will be able to contact you even if you leave a group and are no longer part of it.

However, the settings can be changed afterward if you like, converting back to where the members cannot contact you via Messenger.

Facebook groups are considered to bring people closer through the same cause, issue, activity or to share the same content or even to help each other related to a specific issue. Like there are groups where people discuss digital marketing, latest trends and how to overcome difficult situations that some might be facing.

They are also known to provide more privacy and control than the Facebook pages, the groups can be public, accessible to members only can be ‘closed group’ that not everyone can search on a platform instead only to invite members privately to a group.

With the new feature, Facebook is giving more control and easy access to building a network, however, it is yet to see how useful it comes out for the general public or will it be just another way to spam other group members.

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