Twitter now allows users to invite guests to the live streams

Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) all around the globe everyone is advised to avoid public gathering. Covid-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and other organs of your body. It spreads from person to person and shows symptoms such as normal fever, flu, and dry cough. Therefore, the Government of different countries suggesting people to stay indoors, and have social distancing until this situation gets better.

In this regard, Twitter is now allowing users to invite guests to live-streams to interact with each other. We’ve seen so far, many other social networking websites are already functioning to enlarge their live-streaming users to help them interconnect with each other. Twitter live broadcasts launched a new mark that allows streamers to add on guests to come up with broadcasts. The organizer now adds up users to join the live stream. You can now interconnect with your friends and family no matter how far or where you are. Presently, you can invite your friends and family to the live broadcast before starting your live-streaming. Here are some steps how you can avail live-streaming:

• Click the compose icon first.

• Next click on the ‘Camera’ option.

• Choose ‘The Live’ option.

C• lick ‘Invite guests’.

• Choose guests to want to add on live streaming.

• Click the ‘Go Live’ option.

Now, your live stream gets started. You can also send the request to three audio guests to join live streaming but they can only be the part of audio not the video, likely, we talk to someone on the phone call. People will get notifications via Twitter-Direct message when you send them request for live streaming. If any guest leaves the broadcast you can then add new ones. You won’t be able to send a request to anyone till you go live personally. So to invite people to the broadcast, firstly, you have to start your stream and then you can invite someone.

This new feature of Twitter is the same as ‘Periscope’. Periscope is a Twitter-owned live streaming app for both Android and iOS. It was released in 2015 - four years back. The live streaming feature is also found in different other social media platforms. By the time, there is no mystery that video content has been ruling the internet for several years now. It’s clear that live video has made a huge smash on social media marketing for so long.

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Featured photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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