Research Indicates Microsoft Edge is the Least Private Browser

Microsoft has been trying quite hard to make it so that their mistakes with Internet Explorer can be a thing of the past. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Internet Explorer was not a very fast browser at all, and so the company introduced Microsoft Edge in the hopes that this would allow people to far less frequently use products that are provided by competitors as Microsoft would want its users to use its own services as much as possible.

However, even though Microsoft Edge might be somewhat faster than Internet Explorer, it may still not be a very good option for you to use because of the fact that it tends to send a lot of data to Microsoft. This is something that happens with all kinds of browsers, but a new study shows that most browsers don’t send nearly as much data as Edge does and this leads to questions arising regarding the legitimacy of this browser in a world where online spaces are becoming a lot less user friendly.

Perhaps the most egregious overstep that Edge makes is that it sends Microsoft the UUID or universal unique identifier of the device that you are using. This is the data that is very specific to your device and as a result of the fact that it can make it so that any data that is derived from your device can be traced back to you quite easily thereby making it quite difficult for you to genuinely make the most of the kind of privacy you would want.

There are all other kinds of data that Microsoft might just end up getting from you but this piece of data in particular is extremely personal and therefore the fact that Microsoft is getting it is going to really cause a lot of problems that people would end up getting extremely worried about. For the most part the reason behind why you might be worried about this has to do with database security breaches. If someone accesses Microsoft’s databases this could lead to your UUID being leaked and this is something that most people would definitely find to be utterly unacceptable all in all, and you should try to pay attention because things like this might be happening more often than you think.

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