Twitter for Android Gets Alternate Feed Options

Not that long ago, while you were using Twitter you would have access to a single feed which would consist of tweets that come from accounts you follow. Twitter has been trying to diversify this experience for quite some time now in order to establish itself as a better source for content, enabling people to get the content they are passionate about without necessary having to follow specific users as users can tweet about all kinds of things and not all of these things would have something to do with what you are truly interested in.

You have always had the option of making lists that comprise of users you find interesting as well as topics you would want to follow, and a few months ago Twitter for iOS made it possible for you to view these lists as separate feeds, giving you tabs that would enable you to view these feeds instead of your main feed. This update went over quite well, and as a result of the fact that Twitter has now brought these alternative feeds to their Android app in order to expand the range of users that have access to this new feature.

Twitter’s new focus on topics rather than individual accounts is a change of direction for the platform, and considering the fact that the social media platform twenty six million years last year it does appear to be doing some good. While Twitter has a long way to go before it can end up truly reliving its glory days, this is a step in the right direction without a doubt and when you take into account the fact that Android users now have access to alternative feeds as well it does seem apparent that Twitter may very well end up seeing a real resurgence sooner or later.

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