Your Favorite Notes Taking App Is Not Encrypting Your Data By Default

If we were to ask you about your favorite apps right now, there is a high probability that you would name a notes taking app, right? Gone are those days when people used to carry pens with them or even a small diary for noting down something important like numbers or addresses, etc. Even students now love to write down lectures in all different sorts of notes apps.

However, almost all of us are making one common mistake and that is of trusting the notes app for our most important information, from time to time. We thought that our diaries or notebooks cannot remain safe forever and then utmost convenience at large was the reason why people shifted towards the digital notes taking apps, but have you ever wondered that your favorite apps don’t encrypt your notes?

Yes, your content on these apps remain exposed to getting accessed by anyone, almost all the time.

Around 58 percent of respondents had no idea about it when DuckDuckGo conducted a research on the similar subject. In fact, people had more trust in their notes app for saving up usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, credit card information, and security or PIN codes than any other alternative option. But little did they know that if hackers have access to the network you are on or manage to break into your phones, all the important details stored in the app stand at risk then.

If you want to take a personal suggestion then always go for noting down information in such apps that don’t require confidentiality. You can use the Notes app for making a grocery list or writing down a break-up poem but if you want to keep your usernames and passwords safe, try out password manager apps or encrypted notes app (if you can’t live without one to note down all kinds of information).

Your Favorite Notes Taking App Is Not Encrypting Your Data By Default

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