Analysis Reveals Which Apps Use the Most Phone Battery, Google and Facebook Are on Top

Your phone running out of battery can be quite an anxiety inducing scenario for you to have to deal with, not to mention the various problems it would pose in terms of you being able to get things done. Sometimes your phone would run out of battery very quickly indeed, and this might just end up making you feel like you wouldn’t be able to truly take advantage of the kind of battery power your phone was supposed to have, something that might have made you buy the phone in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that a big part of the reason why there are so many phones that don’t last as long as they should in terms of battery has a lot to do with the kind of apps that you are using. Some apps eat a lot more battery than others, and figuring out which apps might be draining the most battery can potentially end up being very useful for you because of the fact that it can lead to you avoiding the use of these apps and shutting them down after you are done using them so that your battery doesn’t end up getting drained in any way, shape or form.

With all of that having been said and out of the way you would now obviously want to know which apps you should ideally be avoiding if you want to maximize battery life, and a recent analysis has revealed which apps end up using the most battery on a regular basis. The top four apps might actually leave you dismayed because they are probably apps that you use very frequently, so much so that it would be understandable that they have this much of an impact on your overall success with your phone’s battery life.

The analysis, which was conducted by Uswitch which is based in the UK, revealed that the app that uses the most battery life is the Google app, and the rest of the top four is dominated by apps that are owned and operated by Facebook. The Facebook app itself comes in second place, with Messenger and WhatsApp coming in at third and fourth respectively.

It’s important to note that if you were to forego using Facebook, chances are that you might just end up saving a lot of the battery life that might just have ended up being used up in the usage of these particular apps. However, since doing so would probably be borderline impossible for the average smartphone user, this means that you would instead have to make do with shutting the app down once you are done using it.

The amount of battery that an app uses has a lot to do with the number of permissions it requires you to offer it. These permissions mean that an app is involved in a lot of different aspects of your phone, and this extended range of activities would make it so that the app requires a lot more battery in order to be able to function the way that it is actually supposed to all in all, so apps that are more focused use less battery.

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