Google Maps gets Lens integration

Google added a Lens Menu to its Map app. This feature would allow users to analyze a physical restaurant menu and flag popular dishes.

Most of us find pictures of menus uploaded on the listing of a restaurant in Google Maps. However, these menus are difficult to comprehend. But now, as spotted by 9to5Google, there would be an ‘Explore dishes’ tab at the bottom of the page, allowing users to get a better view.

Moreover, Google will integrate a Lens icon that would appear at the top-right corner to enhance the visual search.

The Lens will prominently display the most popular dishes in orange with a star icon. This icon would include the description and pricing of a particular dish. Users can also find a carousel of ‘popular dishes’ near the bottom of the screen.

The collaboration of Google Lens and Google Maps would be a very helpful one for Android users. It would not only give you a better view of a new place immediately but also save you time as well as the effort of launching Google Lens and take a manual picture.

The Lens integration in Google Maps is now available for Android users. As of yet, Google has not revealed its plans for an iOS update.

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