Microsoft Aggressively Promotes Edge Browser on Windows Devices, Annoys Firefox Users

Microsoft has not exactly been a trailblazer for quite some time now having settled into a comfortable state of stability that it has only just recently started to come out of after having been stagnant for a significant period of time all in all. The fact of the matter is that one of the areas where Microsoft was most certainly lagging behind was in the internet browser department. Long time rival Google attained mastery of the browser market with Google Chrome, and Mozilla managed to provide an excellent alternative in the form of Firefox, while Explorer ended up becoming the browser that people only used so that they could download the browser they really wanted.

Microsoft has been trying quite hard to change this with its new browser dubbed Edge which has been made with Google’s very own Chromium platform, but the fact of the matter is that many would say that the techniques that Microsoft is using to advertise Edge and get it more users are starting to annoy a lot of Firefox users.

If you update to the latest version of Windows 10 you will find that your default browser will automatically have been set to Microsoft Edge even if it was Firefox before. If you don’t update, you will still see a suggestion in the start menu that would ask you if you want to change your default browser, as spotted by Reddit users, regardless of whether or not you are happy with the default browser that you are currently using.

Executives at Mozilla have also complained about this, claiming that such practices are anti competitive and that Microsoft is trying to trick users into switching to Microsoft Edge. It is understandable that Microsoft wants to get as many new users for their brand new browser as possible but doing it this way is just going to end up turning more and more people against them.

Microsoft Aggressively Advertises Edge Browser on Windows Devices, Annoys Firefox Users

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