Reddit To Increase Its Engagement Rate With Newly Introduced Polls Feature

Reddit is allowing its users to increase engagement by introducing Polls option where they would be able to post questions for the audiences. It would be to activate the users who only scroll the app but does not post, or share a comment in real.

While talking about the new feature, Reddit said they are glad to introduce a new post type, Polls that would let Redditors share their opinion through voting. There are 100,000+ active communities on Reddit and through the new post type, users can directly engage with them and know about their opinion on certain topics. Some people do not prefer commenting but with Polls, the 430 million active users monthly will be able to participate in conversations on the platform.

Reddit user count is claimed to be increasing at a much faster rate than Instagram, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, as in April 2018, Reddit had 330 million active users monthly and in December 2019 it raised to 430 million.

Seeing the increasing popularity of the platform, it is about time that marketers move towards it to market their products. But there is some hesitation because Reddit once had a strong opposition to ads, therefore advertising there may not be much trusted for now.

The platform itself is working to improve its advertising through ad units and tools to attain attention. New post type, Polls is another effort towards it that will help in maximizing the engagement rate.

To create a Poll, users need to first go to their desired community, select the “Create a Post” button and then select the Poll option. The Polls can last for up to a week and the time for its availability to vote has to be selected at the time of posting. Add a question and up to six answers can be given in the options that the community will vote from.

The new post type will be available in all subreddits unless it is a text-only group.

In February last year, Reddit tested the Super Bowl poll in r/NFL and found it highly engaging as it received around 9k votes only in 48 hours.

The new feature can prove to be fruitful by increasing engagement and encouraging more people to participate in the discussion. It is expected to result in better time spent on the platform and more people will return to the app.

Brands can also use it as a survey tool to get users’ opinions.

Not that only you can post a poll and get a response, instead, you can get to know about a lot of other things (including current issues) and what opinion people have about them by checking the subreddits that are related to your interest.

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